Garden Lighting

NiteLites garden lighting systems create a magical atmosphere for garden parties and alfresco dining. Colors, textures, shapes and shadows come to life when artfully lit by our outdoor lighting company.

As the sun sets and the day’s beauty disappears into darkness, a new mystical version of your backyard simply appears with our automated lighting system. Your outdoor areas are transformed with soft, intimate, garden, patio, and path decorative lighting.

NiteLites professionals are experts in producing the perfect ambiance for pathways, ponds, statues, sculptures, and trees.  All of these common features can produce a serene environment with LED landscape fixtures. By using different garden lighting techniques, NiteLites lighting designers wash, silhouette, and spot light elements creating custom systems to enhance the individual elements of each yard. Our unique outdoor LED strip, rope, and string lights have been carefully designed and tested to be used for outdoor living areas.

Our low voltage light fixtures are cast of brass and copper and their components are designed to stand up to outdoor elements. Our rugged and reliable light fixtures carry an industry leading warranty so you can simply enjoy the beauty of your outdoors.

Enhancing the common areas of each property allows you to expand the square footage of your home by bringing the inside, out. The following are ideas of how each fixture can best create an outdoor oasis:

Path lights: These versatile fixtures can make paths safe and highlight dense areas of landscaping bringing a new depth and richness to the property.


Under water lights: these unique fixtures can be used to highlight water features on your property such as fountains and ponds.


Path lights and under water lights are two examples of ways to professionally illuminate garden features and extend outdoor living areas. The possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting. You can have as many or as little lights as you desire. You can add tree lighting to create breathtaking shadows or you can illuminate pathways and stones to make for safe navigation. Decorative fixtures are available to highlight yard statues, fountains, and sculptures. The choice is yours and NiteLites is here to help customize those decisions.

For ideas for patio lighting and a wide range of other lighting design ideas Submit an online request to get started to today or simply give us a call at 1-866-NITELITES (1-866-648-3548).

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Garden Lighting


“The lighting installed has definitely added to the beauty of our home. We feel we made the right move by having NiteLites install our landscape lighting.”
-- Mark & Susin Hartman Anderson, South Carolina 29624

“A PERFECT 10+! From the minute he spoke I knew he would be one I could trust – the end was a magnificent display. He emphasized the palm trees, roof lighting. All 3 worked hard in sweltering heat with no complaints.”
-- Marilyn Rose, Surfside, SC 29575

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