Lighting Automation

NiteLites lighting automation options for home and business outdoor lighting systems provide the same wide appeal of other home automation systems as well as substantial energy savings.

Imagine not worrying about the security of your off season home because you know that you have a dependable home automation system that tells your landscape lighting system when to turn on and off so your property is never dark. Imagine that comfort along with a lower energy bill than with a traditional line voltage system. With NiteLites low voltage and LED products you will be saving up to 75% on energy costs as well as the benefits of the security brought by comprehensive outdoor lighting for each property.

Lighting automation is something often overlooked by home and business owners. Not only, does it help with security when someone cannot be on the property, it serves other purposes as well. Your residence can welcome you home with a warm glow every evening while your business lighting helps customers find your location in the later hours. The automated system also helps with the carbon footprint. The lights are turned on only when necessary which extends the life of the light fixtures and their components. Our reliable top quality specification grade exterior lighting are designed with non-corrosive solid brass and copper lighting fixtures for extraordinary long life. The controlled hours of use combined with the NiteLites’ sturdy quality ultimately reduces the greenhouse gases and landfill wastes.

During the season changes and Daylight Savings Time, NiteLites outdoor lighting automation relieves the hassle of changing the confusing programming on your LED lighting system.  NiteLites offers the most convenient, simple lighting automation on the market. With its patented astronomic chip, NiteLites automation module self-adjusts to sunrise and sunset throughout the year. No more worries about whether your lights will be working when you are not there. Your automated timers control exactly when to turn the lights on and off making it perfect for busy families, business professionals, and travelers.

Lighting Automation

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Lighting Automation


“So far, absolutely excellent and the lights look great!”
-- Wayne and Nancy Clark, Fletcher, NC 28732

“Very professional! Very efficient! Excellent communication!”
-- William Ward, North East, MD 21901

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