Houston Business Shares Outdoor Lighting Solutions with Photos of Outdoor Living Areas

  • On August 30, 2017
  Houston business provides outdoor lighting solutions for both commercial buildings and residential homes. NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lights is owned and operated by landscape lighting designer, Rob Greening. Mr. Greening has a talent and passion for outdoor lighting. Recently in Kansas City, MO for the NiteLites National Outdoor Lighting Conference, he explained his technique […]
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Houston Commercial Outdoor Lights Company Offers Advantages of Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

  • On June 23, 2016
Houston Commercial Outdoor Lights Company, NiteLites, shares benefits with businesses and homeowners to get outdoor lighting. There are a number of reasons to consider low voltage LED outdoor lighting as a way to accent the landscape and architecture of a commercial property. From years of experience servicing the outdoor lighting demands of the Houston area, […]
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National Outdoor Lights Franchise Shows Support For Vets With Green Lights

  • On November 9, 2015
National Outdoor Lights Franchise, NiteLites, helps Americans show support for vets with green LEDs and green lens covers. This Veterans’ Day, show your support for vets everywhere by changing one of your outdoor lights to green. IVMF (Institute for Veterans and Military Families) and Walmart join together for a new vet campaign. This campaign, “Greenlight […]
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