West Chester, OH: Cincinnati Commercial Outdoor Lights Company Illuminates Roundabout for Civic Centre Boulevard and Gateway

West Chester, OH: Cincinnati Commercial Outdoor Lights Company Illuminates Roundabout for Civic Centre Boulevard and Gateway

  • On December 21, 2016


NiteLites of Cincinnati Commercial Outdoor Lights partners with The Kleingers Group to add lighting to the Civic Centre Boulevard and Gateway roundabout.


The Kleingers Group is responsible for the current engineering and landscape architecture that expanded the existing Civic Centre Boulevard in West Chester, Ohio. They were then tasked with creating a design and layout for the road with a new roundabout while maintaining the distinctive brand for the boulevard. Originally, the Kleingers Group designed three concepts for the new road improvements and reviewed them with the Butler County Engineers Office and the City of West Chester. The final roundabout design carries the same design language that is seen throughout the streetscapes of the streets of West Chester. Using real-time models they were able to create a final look seen from every angle that complies with the concept.


During the day, this roundabout will be a magnificent addition to the Streets of West Chester. It is only fitting that at night; it should hold the same appeal. Partnering with a local outdoor lights contractor in Cincinnati, NiteLites, they were able to come up with something truly worthy of the design. NiteLites of Cincinnati Commercial Outdoor Lights is a professional outdoor lighting business that works exclusively with outdoor lighting. This makes them the master of their craft and creates the high-end designs The Kleingers Group is looking for this project.


GM of NiteLites of Cincinnati Outdoor Lights, Dustin Huling, explains that lighting design isn’t as easy as most local landscapers think it is. You have to know where to place the lighting fixtures in addition to knowing what kind of fixture to use. Other variables are LEDs and their wattages and color temperatures. NiteLites has mastered their craft with over 20 years in the industry. Matched with their solid cast brass and copper fixtures that are warrantied for life, and you get an outdoor lighting company that won’t leave you in the dark.


NiteLites design build partners with property managers, developers, high-end builders, hoteliers, restaurateurs, landscape architects, architects, and landscape designers who recognize the value of comprehensive lighting systems and services. Business partners also recognize the profitability and visibility that design-build systems bring to their projects backed by world-class product support.


For more information on NiteLites of Cincinnati Outdoor Lights Service call Dustin Huling at 513-665-4100 or visit the NiteLites website to complete one of their forms. Follow them on Twitter or link them on Facebook to see recent projects and ideas for your outdoor living spaces at home.