NiteLites of Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Gives Back to the Community

NiteLites of Cincinnati Landscape Lighting Gives Back to the Community

  • On August 31, 2015


NiteLites of Cincinnati Landscape Lighting is a huge supporter of local activities and relishes the opportunity to help fuel this great community!

Get involved! That is the motto of all NiteLites branches. By giving back to the community and surrounding areas, a business can not only support others, but also display the loving leadership of the company. Growing with the citizens is vital to establishing real relationships and providing a helping hand in any way possible.

The following are just are few of the upcoming events your local branch is supporting!


Springboro Chamber of Commerce

The Springboro Chamber of Commerce will hold the 40th Annual Gala Dinner on Monday, October 19th. The theme of this event will be celebrating 40 years of the Springboro Chamber. NiteLites works closely with the Springboro Chamber of Commerce and are honored to be an exclusive Cocktail Sponsor for this year’s gathering!


Youth Soccer

NiteLites is excited to be supporting the Clearcreek Youth Soccer Association by contributing to the sponsorship of four teams for this year’s season!


Journey of Hope and The Ability Experience

This is a new and wonderful sponsorship. In the overall goal of raising $650,000, NiteLites will be sponsoring a dedicated participant for this great event. The “Journey of Hope” is a cross-country bicycle ride in support of people with disabilities. The Ability Experience is the national philanthropy chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. The Trip with will range over 4,000 miles, starting on the West Coast and ending in Washington D.C.


National Outdoor Lighting Conference

The NiteLites Landscape Lighting team is back and at after another success Outdoor Lighting Conference. The conference, which was held in Charleston SC provided the opportunity for franchisees to network and open up connections within the home building market. In addition, the bi-annual event was a great learning experience on topics such as LED advancements, online marketing and additional on the job training. The Cincinnati location is proud to have accepted the “Gold Award” for both 2013 and 2014!

Ambience is Everything!

Imagine; the sun begins to fall over the horizon, the landscaping is pristine and the patio is displayed perfectly with a warm glowing fire. Now the magic happens, your lighting system switches on with the automated timer and the backyard becomes an oasis of relaxation. Accented LEDs transform your outdoor living space into a story book scene of subtle illuminations and awe-inspiring shadowy effects. The trees, garden, and entertainment areas come alive with the help of the perfect lighting system, specific to the uniqueness of your home. Experience the NiteLites difference today!

For more information regarding NiteLites of Cincinnati Landscape Lighting call 866-662-9111 or visit them online at NiteLites of Cincinnati. You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!