Painting With Light: Covington Outdoor Lighting Company Explains Why DIY Outdoor Lighting Isn’t the Best Value

Painting With Light: Covington Outdoor Lighting Company Explains Why DIY Outdoor Lighting Isn’t the Best Value

  • On June 24, 2015


NiteLites of Covington Outdoor Lighting Company discusses the artist value of professionally installed landscape lighting.

The final touches are being made to landscapes as summer is finally starting to show through. The bushes have been cut back, the trees have been shaped and the flowers are in full bloom. To enjoy this new playground you have created to its full extent, you will have to get landscape lighting. Outdoor installed lights have the benefit of extending your time in your outdoor space while providing added security and dazzling curb appeal. The process of getting outdoor lighting of course depends on your budget and time. There are three distinct methods for adding landscape lighting to the exterior of your home and each has it own value.

1. DIY (Do It Yourself)

Buying landscape lighting from a big box store gives you what you pay for – cheaply made light fixtures that will last one season. If you possess the knowledge of how to install low voltage lighting futures, then it may be a simple endeavor for you to undertake. The down side is you may not have the creativity and experience to take your landscape lighting to the next level. This method would take the least amount of money, but the most amount of time.

2. Landscapers

Most landscapers and contractors will offer outdoor lighting with their other packages yet they still only use the big box stores, which only last for a season. In addition many landscapers simply lack the creativity conducive to a great landscape lighting plan. The price would be more than a DIY, but would take much less time from you.

3. Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting System

This would generate the highest price point and wouldn’t take up a lot of your time, but the value is insurmountable. A company, like NiteLites of Covington Outdoor Lights, provides the durable quality brass and copper light fixtures with the most creative plan to amaze homeowners. Anything to do with wiring (even low voltage) should be done by a professional outdoor lighting contractor. Lighting contractors possess the experience and design eye that only comes with training and years of professional work.

An experienced lighting contractor can paint with light by:

  • Creating depth
  • Creating perspective
  • Creating focal points
  • Creating balance and beauty
  • Evoking emotions

The investment of outdoor lighting for your home will be more than worth it. Determining the best outdoor lighting business can be tricky since many companies’ online claim to be the best. In this industry, experience and dedication to advancements in technology is king. NiteLites of Covington Landscape Lights offers over 20 years of experience and their LED technology has the perfect color temperature and output for architectural and landscape settings. NiteLites lighting contractors are trained to be the best. They offer the best value for your outdoor lighting to be exquisite night after night and year after year.

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