Giving Back: Houston Landscape Lights Business Shares the Importance of Community Involvement

Giving Back: Houston Landscape Lights Business Shares the Importance of Community Involvement

  • On May 28, 2015


NiteLites of Houston Landscape Lights Business is involved in a lot of community affairs and these lighting contractors share why it is important to local businesses everywhere.

Rob Greening, owner of NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lights, knows the importance of his community for his local business. Companies that are involved in their communities establish their brand with a face and identity to their customers. This is a vital part of distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Adding the personal touch will not only help keep your current customers, but will also attract more customers by word of mouth referrals. Loyal and happy customers drive more business to your company than most individuals appreciate.

Rob Greening: “Sponsor local events and get involved, help your community and in turn, help your business. Volunteer!”

As a business owner, it can be intimidating thinking of all the ways your company could be involved in the community. You do not want to lose sight of strengthening your business through networking opportunities, at the same time you want your business to help the community. The only sure fire way to find out what will work best for your company is to find someway you can benefit the community. When you build relationships inside the community people see you and your brand, they will then associate that with a local company who cares about the community they serve.

Rob Greening: “People know me, they know my truck and they know my company. Use your brand and build trust from within your community.”

So whether you plan on helping with a community event or volunteering at a local homeless shelter, your business and community will benefit. Getting your employees involved will give them a sense of leadership and thus increase their fulfillment and in turn, their general performance. You can also create a custom volunteer plan once you know what works best for your local company. For example, you might have yearly events that you help out with, or a scheduled monthly volunteer day. You will need to decide how much time you and your employees can volunteer on a monthly and even annual basis, but you should also take into account the general demands of your operation. Once your company is out and helping your community, let people know about it. Let your prospective customers know how much time and money you have donated to their community. Once your current and prospective customers know how much you care about the community you serve, your business will greatly benefit.

NiteLites of Houston Landscape Lights is a locally owned and operated professional outdoor lighting system company. They specialize in high quality LEDs and solid brass and copper light fixtures. They work on both homes and businesses to provide added safety, security and beauty. Rob and his company services the greater Houston area by being involved in the community and by providing the best custom outdoor lighting experiences for their clients.  NiteLites offers comprehensive outdoor lighting services from outdoor lighting design, lighting installation, and ongoing maintenance. NiteLites of Houston repairs landscape lighting systems and retrofits bulbs with LED lamps.

Rob Greening: “Always get personally involved before talking shop to your customers…and like I always tell my customers, you are not just a customer to me, you’re a friend.”

For more information on NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lighting Service call 281-454-4900 or fill out one of the forms on their website. You can also like Rob’s company on NiteLites of Houston Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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