Houston Outdoor Lights Contractor Explains why NiteLites Brand Fixtures Are Better Than Big Box Brands

Houston Outdoor Lights Contractor Explains why NiteLites Brand Fixtures Are Better Than Big Box Brands

  • On January 6, 2017

Houston Outdoor Lights

NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lights knows the quality of the fixtures and LEDs are of the upmost importance.


So, you’ve decided you want outdoor lighting to beautify and help make your home more secure. When choosing outdoor lighting fixtures, you may look into big box store brands from your local home improvement store. This decision could yield some pretty poor results that could actually end up costing you more in the end. Professional outdoor lighting contractors may be your best bet for the best results, and here is why.


Home improvement retail stores and local landscapers sell lighting fixtures made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. If you know your metals, you know that aluminum doesn’t hold up very well in Houston weather. In addition, aluminum lighting fixtures also don’t play well with high quality LEDs because they lack the heat sink technology needed to maintain a long LED life. Your yard and landscape changes, sometimes often enough that rewiring needs to be done to an outdoor lighting system. With mowing and general wear and tear, these aluminum lights just won’t withstand the test of time, and maybe not even the season.


To further complicate matters, there’s always the possibility that your local landscaper might be bought out or worse yet, go out of business. This makes having a reliable person to turn to when there are issues very inconvenient. This is certainly a situation you want to avoid.


Your best bet on outdoor lighting is to seek out a professional Houston Outdoor Lights Contractor such as NiteLites. Companies like NiteLites have been around awhile and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With over 20 years of experience specializing specifically in outdoor lighting, this is a company you want on your side. Their rugged lighting fixtures are made of solid cast brass and copper and come with a lifetime warranty; not just a season. Each fixture is custom made to specification to create long LED life with the most advanced in heat sink technology. The fixtures only patina and beautify with age, making them something you can rely on year after year. Combined with their maintenance and customer service support, you’ll never have to worry about issues with your system that can’t be resolved with one phone call.


These Houston Outdoor Lighting Contractors offer a complete array of commercial-grade LED landscape and architectural lights for residential and commercial structures. Types of lighting styles used include: up, wall, facade, accent, architectural, landscape, security, deck, step, poolside, garden, sculpture, tree, path, fountain, reflecting pool, and yard.

The light fixtures used to achieve these styles are:

  • up lights
  • path lights
  • step lights
  • well lights
  • spot lights
  • flood lights
  • deck lights
  • recessed wall lights
  • wash lights submersible lights paver lights

In addition, NiteLites can retrofit outdoor LEDs in existing halogen systems.

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