NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Services

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting offers superior exterior lighting systems for your home and business needs. Applications for architectural lighting, uplighting landscapes and gardens, deck lighting, submersible lighting, and path lighting are available. NiteLites lighting systems enhance, illuminate, and accent our clients’ outdoor spaces.

Your NiteLites experience starts when you first meet our professionals. NiteLites offers a custom consultation, free of charge. Our lighting designers create a lighting plan to maximize your property’s attributes. This allows you to witness the actual effects our lighting will have on your unique property. After all aspects of the system are exactly the way you choose, we provide a written estimate for the installation of the lights you have selected.

We don’t sell the packaged lights or lighting programs because we know that each home and business has unique characteristics and focal points. Our skilled lighting designers custom design our lighting systems to showcase the specific features of your property. Whether bright or subtle our accent lights help create awesome outdoor living spaces.

NiteLites genuine fixtures and transformers are designed and manufactured to our exact specifications to create high quality light supported by our  energy efficient low volt lighting systems.

Our fixtures are solid brass or copper, coastal friendly, non-corrosive, weather resistant, and are made to last. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use paint or other materials that could chip, flake or peel. We go the extra mile for quality…even down to the quality connectors we use for our wiring.

Our fixtures and connectors feature a limited lifetime warranty, and our transformers feature a 10 year warranty. For complete information about our residential and commercial warranties, please click here.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our lighting systems.

NiteLites offers an optional annual maintenance program to keep your system running in optimal condition. Thus, our clients never have to worry about the cost, materials, or labor required to maintain their lighting system.

The Annual Maintenance Program also know as AMP — includes some of the following:

  • Replacement of halogen bulbs.
  • Cleaning of all clear covers and fixtures.
  • Straightening and tightening the fixtures and their connections.
  • Trimming landscape shrubs that have grown over fixtures.
  • Moving fixtures to accommodate landscape growth.
  • Checking and adjusting transformer voltage and timer.
  • Replace timer batteries when necessary.
  • Checking voltage taps to fixtures and inspect/adjust timers.

Call us to today to learn more about the NiteLites Annual Maintenance Program at 1-866-NiteLites.