Solar Landscape Lighting Panels

NiteLites’ line of solar landscape lighting panels is a perfect fit for the growing demand for energy saving “home automation” solutions. NiteLites installs industry leading outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses. Yet, many consumers are met with the predicament of wanting to install a custom lighting system in areas with little to no access to viable power options. Some might find that their summer cottage by the woods lacks an outdoor lighting system. A hunting cabin could be in need of security lighting.  Perhaps a lighting system needs to be in place prior to the installation of suitable power sources. NiteLites solar landscape lighting panels are the perfect solution for these and many other scenarios. No longer will consumers need to be left in the dark.

Store-bought, solar landscape lights are still years behind in areas of durability and lighting effect. The solar posts commonly used work more as markers for the location of the fixture rather than tools to accentuate a remarkable feature of a landscape. Our solar landscape lighting systems offer consumers the ability to use NiteLites lighting fixtures with the power of the sun. Two models are available for use, a 240 Watt solar landscape lighting systems, and a 360 Watt solar landscape lighting system. These state of the art systems harvest energy from the sun and store it as usable electricity in rechargeable batteries. The system also includes a built-in photocell controller to automate the optimal functioning time for the lighting system. With a full charge, a NiteLites solar landscape lighting system can provide up to three days of nightly illumination.

By combining the solar landscape lighting panels with fixtures installed with NiteLites LEDs, system owners will find themselves lowering their greenhouse gas emissions by a great margin.  With nearly no unnatural power used, NiteLites solar landscape lighting panels are key in reducing one’s carbon footprint. Request a free outdoor lighting consultation by clicking here, or give us a call at 1-866-NiteLites to learn more about NiteLites solar lighting systems and our other energy efficient lighting options.