Newport Commercial Outdoor Lighting Business Shares Top Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

Newport Commercial Outdoor Lighting Business Shares Top Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

  • On December 18, 2015


Newport Commercial Outdoor Lighting business, NiteLites, explains why choosing a commercial outdoor lighting contractor is key.

One of the most critical aspects of a business or property is that customers and clients can see it. In the daytime your business may be easily seen, but once night descends your business could be left in the dark. That also can bring up some safety and security concerns for clients and employees. General manager of NiteLites of Newport Outdoor Lights ,Dustin Huling, explained why having professional commercial lighting contractor is imperative. He said “Creating a more visible business while enhancing the safety and security is a cornerstone of successful businesses in our area.”

A business that is professionally illuminated is a much harder target for criminals to burglarize or vandalize. Keeping your business safe is not only important for your clients, but also for your staff. A safe and secure business will create a positive setting for your business to thrive. With the addition of energy saving LEDs, your professional outdoor lighting system can run off minimal energy usage.

NiteLites outdoor lighting systems are equipped with top quality LEDs which shine the soft warm glow of their halogen counterparts while utilizing only need a fraction of the energy. Existing systems can be easily retrofit with these innovative LEDs to help keep your business safe, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. Choosing the right commercial outdoor lighting contractor is all about quality of the fixtures and LEDs and the quality of the warranty backing it. With solid brass and copper light fixtures and one of the best warranties in the industry, NiteLites shows what a professional design-build outdoor lighting company can do for local businesses. Dustin Huling states that those characteristics are what business owners should be looking for in their commercial outdoor lighting contractor for their hardscapes, landscapes, and exterior of their buildings.

NiteLites of Newport Commercial Outdoor Lights projects include: Warehouses, storage facilities, entryways, town homes, condos, restaurants, municipal buildings, retirement centers, marinas, schools, hotels, clubhouses, retail stores, parks, apartments, malls and more specialized custom projects per request.

Newport Outdoor Lights also services the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. For more information on commercial outdoor lighting by a professional, contact Dustin Huling at 513-665-4100 or submit a commercial outdoor lighting estimate request online. Reach out and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.