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National Outdoor Lighting Franchise, NiteLites, maintains a professional membership in the International Franchise Association (IFA). The IFA, founded in 1960, is a membership organization of franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers. As the world’s largest trade group representing franchising, IFA promotes the small business model of franchising. Today, franchised small businesses enjoy presence in 80 different industries, and operate in over 100 countries. In the United States, franchising generates more than 18 million jobs, and more than $ 1.53 trillion annually. Their website is dedicated to providing its members and guests with a one-stop shopping experience for franchise information.

Details about the NiteLites franchise opportunity can also be found at, which contains a wealth of information for both the business startup and the individual investigating a national franchise opportunity.

Additionally, information about the NiteLites business opportunity may be found in business newspapers, magazines, and the internet.

Top franchise locations are available for the right candidates.
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NiteLites Outdoor Lights National Franchise Resources

Franchise Owner Testimonials

“Marketing and support has been great. It’s the big business behind the franchise. I came from corporate America where I put in 65 stressful hours per week. This has been great and I can say I would do it again.”
-- Randy Greenhill
NiteLites Charleston, SC

“I really like the high impact marketing materials. Everything from the photo galleries on the internet to the full color marketing pieces make an excellent impression on our prospects. They make closing the sale that much easier.”
-- Roger Blair
NiteLites Asheville, NC

“All of our NiteLites Partners benefit from our growing reputation for offering affordable excellence with our array of high value guaranteed products. Because of the industrial quality and reliability of our lighting systems, our NiteLites businesses continue to grow in relation to the amount of time and energy they invest. NiteLites offers the ultimate benefits, freedom and financial independence.”
-- Thomas A. Frederick
NiteLites President and CEO

“NiteLites invests in the ongoing development of our outdoor lighting systems, services, and marketing materials. This continues to drive the momentum of our sales both in the residential and commercial market. They are working all the time to maintain our competitive advantage. I’ve had years with NiteLites, and I am glad they are on my team.”
-- Trevor Rosendahl
NiteLites Jacksonville, FL