Benefits + Features

Uplighting and Accent lights

NiteLites installs uplighting and accent lights to give you the perfect balance for your entertainment needs. Adding an outdoor lighting system to the pool area makes the area useful well beyond darkness for you and your guests. While creating another venue for entertaining, you are also addressing the safety of those using your facilities. Not only does NiteLites deliver the perfect balance, they do so with high quality fixtures that are made to last.

Backyard Wall Lighting

Another popular option is to mount up lights on to a lanai to create walls of light for greenery.  Backyard walls not only offer a bit of privacy but may also offer an opportunity for a unique lighting application.

Enhance Focal Areas

Colored LED lights can be used to enhance your outdoor lighting experience for events or just for the effect. In addition, strip and rope lighting can be used to beautifully light interesting areas and focal points.

Let us help you

We’ll provide a free outdoor lighting or commercial/residential security consultation with written estimate.

As the division between indoor and outdoor living areas fade, the addition of lighting for both practical as well as decorative purposes becomes more important. Whether your intent is to illuminate the dining area around the pool, the perimeter with cage lights, or to provide subtle uplighting in selected areas of the pool, NiteLites can accommodate your objectives with their energy-efficient lighting systems.