Benefits + Features

Deck Lighting

A deck may provide space for an extra kitchen, a gathering spot for family and guests, and a personal space for you to relax making it an integral part of a property. These facts also stand true for a lanai or pool cage. Each outdoor space is designed to provide an outdoor room for luxury entertaining with the application of outdoor illumination.

Lanai and Patio Lighting

As with decks, in a lanai, lighting can be mounted on each rail at the desired height to ensure the proper amount of light for the use of the space without distraction. Most lanai lighting on the market does not direct light to the best areas which makes for “light bombs” which are unsightly in the evenings and can be seen from inside the home. The brass and copper fixtures used by NiteLites deck lighting is shrouded to direct the light to the preferred areas and can be customized to match the color of your cage so you there are not noticeably unpleasant fixtures taking away attention from the rest of the space.

Commercial Applications

In a commercial environment, deck lighting provides a warm glow on a deck or patio that can create the atmosphere that the business owner desires. A sidewalk cafe, the 19th hole at a golf clubhouse, a romantic dining area, a common area for apartments or condominiums and many other applications of outdoor lighting can turn an empty never used space into a welcoming oasis.  The added safety of rail and step lights add to the benefits of a professionally installed lighting system.

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Deck lighting and patio lighting designed and installed by trained lighting contractors makes it possible to extend the indoors into the outdoors. People are spending more of their leisure time at home; patio and deck lighting helps to create an alfresco entertainment area to use as dusk settles in. A common example of this is using recessed low voltage or LED lighting on deck rails and stairs which encourages its use well after the sun goes down. We also offer weather-resistant LED strip and rope lighting for the beautiful festive look right in your backyard.