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Solid Brass Lighting Fixtures

NiteLites prides itself on the top of the line solid brass lighting fixtures that are warrantied for life.

High-Quality LEDs

We have the highest-quality LEDs engineered by our team of experts with vast amounts of knowledge and years of experience.

Let us help you

We’ll provide a free outdoor lighting or commercial/residential security consultation with written estimate.

With the proper fixtures and high-performance LEDs, illuminated steps will create a more safe and visually appealing feature. The proper fixtures ensure that they will be as flush into the stairs as possible; helping to avoid accidents and unsightly obstructions. The proper fixture will also provide proper heat disbursement (also called heat sink) to ensure the LED has the longest life possible. The LEDs are equally crucial to the success of step lighting. The color temperatures must all be consistent throughout, without any dimming or color variances. This creates a uniform lighting design that creates just as much beauty as it does safety. The best lighting design, best fixtures, best LEDs and with the best warranty make NiteLites step lighting elevated to the highest standards for each and every client.