NiteLites Outdoor Lighting offers superior exterior lighting systems for your home and business needs. Applications for architectural lighting, uplighting landscapes and gardens, deck lighting, submersible lighting, and path lighting are available. NiteLites lighting systems enhance, illuminate, and accent our clients’ outdoor spaces.

Your NiteLites experience starts when you first meet our professionals. NiteLites offers a custom consultation, free of charge. Our lighting designers create a lighting plan to maximize your property’s attributes. This allows you to witness the actual effects our lighting will have on your unique property. After all aspects of the system are exactly the way you choose, we provide a written estimate for the installation of the lights you have selected.

We don’t sell the packaged lights or lighting programs because we know that each home and business has unique characteristics and focal points. Our skilled lighting designers custom design our lighting systems to showcase the specific features of your property. Whether bright or subtle our accent lights help create awesome outdoor living spaces.

NiteLites genuine fixtures and transformers are designed and manufactured to our exact specifications to create high quality light supported by our  energy efficient low volt lighting systems.

Our fixtures are solid brass or copper, coastal friendly, non-corrosive, weather resistant, and are made to last. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use paint or other materials that could chip, flake or peel. We go the extra mile for quality…even down to the quality connectors we use for our wiring.

Our fixtures and connectors feature a limited lifetime warranty, and our transformers feature a 10 year warranty. View complete information about our residential and commercial warranties.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for our lighting systems.

NiteLites offers an optional annual maintenance program to keep your system running in optimal condition. Thus, our clients never have to worry about the cost, materials, or labor required to maintain their lighting system. This includes some of the following:

  • Replacement of halogen bulbs.
  • Cleaning of all clear covers and fixtures.
  • Straightening and tightening the fixtures and their connections.
  • Trimming landscape shrubs that have grown over fixtures.
  • Moving fixtures to accommodate landscape growth.
  • Checking and adjusting transformer voltage and timer.
  • Replace timer batteries when necessary.
  • Checking voltage taps to fixtures and inspect/adjust timers.

Call us to today to learn more about the NiteLites Annual Maintenance Program at 1-866-NiteLites.

String Lights

String lights, also called bistro lights or Edison lights, are a great way to add pizazz and ambiance to your outdoor living space, for both homes and commercial properties. As the manufacturer and installation specialists, we are able to offer an unprecedented warranty on our fixtures and bulbs. These lights add a fun party atmosphere […]


NiteLites offers security lighting for businesses and homes. Home is a sanctuary that everyone relies upon for safety. Along those same lines, every employee and client should feel safe and secure in commercial areas. There are many ways to deter criminals: burglar alarms, dogs, and weapons come to mind. The problem with these methods is […]


Landscape lighting touches all outdoor spaces for homes and businesses. Growing home trends in creating outdoor living spaces has become a specialty of ours. The NiteLites lighting designers place our custom made light fixtures to up light trees, add depth, enrich texture, and add an extra dimension to your outdoor living space. With the best LED technology, NiteLites can […]


NiteLites LED architectural lighting fixtures are used to emphasize the unique design elements of your yard, home, or professional building including: entryway arches columns textured exteriors structural features statues product displays walls gazebos sculptures fountains waterfalls flagpoles art exhibits signage NiteLites brass and copper light fixture options include a wide variety of outdoor LEDs including […]

LED and LED Retrofit

From our first job to the present we have done everything to insure we have the finest systems available. To that end, after more than 5 years of extensive research and development we have launched the BEST LED appliances available anywhere. NiteLites line of professional grade LED lighting is comprised by the latest LED technology […]


Path light fixtures, as well as walkway and driveway lighting complement our architectural and landscape lighting. Using a path fixture for perimeter lighting at your home or business will cut through the darkness and make every day after hours tasks less of a struggle: carrying in groceries, walking the dog, touring the facilities with guests. […]

Deck & Patio

Deck lighting and patio lighting designed and installed by trained lighting contractors makes it possible to extend the indoors into the outdoors. People are spending more of their leisure time at home; patio and deck lighting helps to create an alfresco entertainment area to use as dusk settles in. A common example of this is […]

Pond and Fountain

The addition of a fountain or a pond to a home, business or courtyard can capture the senses of anyone on or near the property. The illumination of water features can bring another level of fascination, if not an almost magical feeling to a pond or fountain. For stunning results with pond and fountain lighting, […]

Pool Area

As the division between indoor and outdoor living areas fade, the addition of lighting for both practical as well as decorative purposes becomes more important. Whether your intent is to illuminate the dining area around the pool, the perimeter with cage lights, or to provide subtle uplighting in selected areas of the pool, NiteLites can […]


Uniquely designed, NiteLites paver lighting is sealed and solidly built to resist damage. Our weather resistant design allows the NiteLites paver light fixtures to be safely installed in all climates. Our brass paver lighting creates a unique look as lights are installed flush with the ground usually in the pavers. These low voltage lights cast […]

Marina and Dock

NiteLites’ marina and dock lighting fixtures are Coastal Test & Compliant to withstand the harsh salty ocean air. These fixtures are long term, corrosion-resistant outdoor lighting fixtures that endure vibration, large temperature variances, and corrosive marine environments. NiteLites offers the latest environment friendly LED technologies for docks and marinas. Our marina and dock lighting technologies […]


With the proper fixtures and high-performance LEDs, illuminated steps will create a more safe and visually appealing feature. The proper fixtures ensure that they will be as flush into the stairs as possible; helping to avoid accidents and unsightly obstructions. The proper fixture will also provide proper heat disbursement (also called heat sink) to ensure […]