Benefits + Features

Fountain Lighting

Fountains that look impressive during the day but disappear by night are brought out of hiding with our non-corrosive, submersible, 12 volt light fixtures. A focused light beam directed toward the fountain accentuates the soothing effect that the moving water provides.

Pond Lighting

A light added under the pond’s water level reflects the motion of the water and brings to light the secret life of its residents.

Our team provides different design ideas to illuminate the bottom of the pond or for a different look — everything around the pond including steps and the surrounding garden.

Let us help you

We’ll provide a free outdoor lighting or commercial/residential security consultation with written estimate.

The addition of a fountain or a pond to a home, business or courtyard can capture the senses of anyone on or near the property. The illumination of water features can bring another level of fascination, if not an almost magical feeling to a pond or fountain.

For stunning results with pond and fountain lighting, contact your local NiteLites lighting professional today.