Benefits + Features

In-Ground Installation

Our in-ground installation method prevents much of the wear and tear that above ground fixtures experience. The bumps of a lawnmower, an accidental meeting with a car bumper or the family dog that happens to wrap himself around a fixture while taking a walk will not be a problem.

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Uniquely designed, NiteLites paver lighting is sealed and solidly built to resist damage. Our weather resistant design allows the NiteLites paver light fixtures to be safely installed in all climates.

Our brass paver lighting creates a unique look as lights are installed flush with the ground usually in the pavers. These low voltage lights cast a bright but non-intrusive source of light to provide visibility and a look of sophistication on high end homes and commercial properties.

The NiteLites architectural grade paver lighting may be installed in limitless patterns by your trained NiteLites lighting designer, creating the ideal look for your driveway and stone patio area.

These lighting fixtures generally direct light downward so they attractively lead the way to your deck, pool, hot tub, and walkways. Because our paver light fixtures are designed for versatile use they can also be used to up light columns or even your favorite art in the courtyard. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this fixture type.