Path Lighting

Path light fixtures, as well as walkway and driveway lighting complement our architectural and landscape lighting. NiteLites LED commercial grade path lighting fixtures illuminate the way to, from, and around your property while improving safety and security for visitors, friends, and family.

Using a path light fixture for your home or business will cut through the darkness and make every day after hours tasks less of a struggle: carrying in groceries, walking the dog, touring the facilities with guests. Outdoor illumination artfully designed transforms both home and business buildings.

Path Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Path Lighting


“Randy Greenhill and his guys did a terrific job making our home look warm and inviting to our friends and neighbors. We would highly recommend NiteLites to our friends and customers.”
-- Suzie Cabe, Charleston, SC 29401

“Very professional.”
-- Tom Allen, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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