About NiteLites Outdoor Lighting

NiteLites is an industry leader in low voltage lighting systems for outdoor landscapes and architectural lighting.  NiteLites Outdoor Lighting specializes in both residential and commercial installations. Since 1992, the company has grown from a single office operation to a nationwide franchise.

  • LED landscape lighting which is both eco-friendly and energy Efficient
  • Extensive warranty – Best in the business
  • Solid copper and brass fixtures with acid-etched finishes
  • Comprehensive annual maintenance
  • Personalized, courteous service
  • Coastal friendly systems
  • Specification grade fixtures – Perfect quality for commercial and residential applications
  • Up to 40% less expensive to operate than line voltage
  • Low voltage lighting is much safer than 120 line volt systems
  • LEDs – Longer lasting, high quality light output, perfect for LEED programs

Home Improvement: Beauty, Safety, Security

Our lighting systems offer architectural and accent lighting for home lighting and commercial lighting projects. Types of lighting include landscape lighting, uplighting / up lighting and down lighting for trees, garden lighting, patio and porch lighting, path lighting, gateway and driveway lighting, lighting for pools and Jacuzzis, gazebos, waterfall, pond, and fountain lighting, deck lighting, step lighting, lighting for statues or other structures, and lighting for improved security and safety. Our wall packs and flood lights also feature smart photo cells, astronomic timers, and motion sensors for enhanced area security.

NiteLites lighting systems are also great for home developments and HOAs. We custom design lighting systems for subdivision entryways, clubhouses, pools, amenity centers, and walkways. We have added beauty and security to municipalities and commercial buildings by designing lighting solutions that maximize our lights as well as meet our clients’ objectives.

Our Step by Step Lighting Process

NiteLites, the Outdoor Lighting Professionals, offers the ideal lighting system. The process starts with a demonstration by our professional lighting designers. A complete lighting system will be temporarily installed so you are able to see exactly how your property will be illuminated. Through the demonstration, you will be able to work with the designer so that the lighting system is tailored to fit your needs. An accurate cost estimate for the finished installation is provided after the details are finalized.

A trained NiteLites professional will then install your system with our full line of custom manufactured low voltage or LED fixtures and transformers. And, there’s no need to worry about repairing or maintaining your lighting system. Our fixtures feature a limited lifetime warranty and our transformers are guaranteed with a limited ten year warranty. Additionally, we offer a yearly maintenance program to service your system and replace all bulbs. A full service operation, NiteLites provides the comprehensive lighting solution. From the lighting design consultation, to the installation, and finally the reliable maintenance ensuring long term enjoyment of the NiteLites system. To request a lighting consultation or more information, please click here.

Most NiteLites locations accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Some locations also offer financing options. Please check with your local office for additional information.

NiteLites’ world headquarters, located in Franklin, Ohio, specializes in the manufacturing, design, installation, and lifetime maintenance of top-quality, low voltage lighting for both residential and commercial applications. NiteLites continually strives to elevate the standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in the outdoor lighting industry. NiteLites products and systems provide the latest cutting edge technology from their progressive manufacturers as well as a solid history of providing first rate service to every client. Our electricity saving outdoor lighting retrofit programs are popular with commercial buildings as well as home owners. Call for an outdoor lighting quote today.

NiteLites outdoor lighting business are in Atlanta, Boca Raton, Charleston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Delaware, Ft. Myers, Greenville, Hilton Head, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Maryland, Nashville, Middle Tennessee, Nashville, Naples, Northern Kentucky, Overland, Kansas City, Sanibel, Sarasota, Savannah, St. Louis, West Chester, West Palm Beach, and Westerville. Each location is locally owned and operated and offers comprehensive outdoor lighting services – from planning to design, through installation, to a comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring the ongoing enjoyment of its lighting systems.  With the growing demand for energy efficient lighting systems, retrofitting with our outdoor LEDs.

Outdoor Lighting Guarantee

Our guarantee affords you the peace of mind that the money invested in your lighting system will provide you enjoyment and pleasure for many years.

The NiteLites’ Name

NiteLites, NiteLights, Nite Lites, NightLights, Lite-the-Nite, and Lite-the-Night maintain their registered trademark and are protected. These names may not be used by any other entity without the express written permission of NiteLites, Inc.