The future is now. Well, sort of. We are in the midst of a technological evolution with all aspects of daily life being affected by new tools, gadgets and programs. Cars and phones are now considered “smart,” by incorporating advancements such as Bluetooth technology, product automation and electronics that are designed to help increase the quality of living. The question on everyone’s mind now is, what can be expected in new home automation technology. The market is still lacking in this area due to the price increase it adds to a home. The current budget of homebuyers finds it hard to accommodate the advancements of a smart home. This includes the younger generations who crave automated technology, but are unable to afford. At the end of the day, most homebuyers at least require security systems and programmable thermostats.

The top 5 new home automation electronics and technologies that are available now and soon will be a must in households everywhere:

  1. Clean air: Health of the family is always a main focus. If the environment is unclean, the quality of life can greatly decrease. New air purifiers are using HEPASilent technology to quickly and quietly remove particles and toxins. This includes mold, dust, smoke, allergens and much more. In addition, combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors help keep everyone at home safe.
  2. Programmable thermostats: These help easily manage and control the temperature at the home. This can be done even with an app on the phone. The latest boasts a possible 20% decrease in heating and cooling bills.
  3. Security systems: Every home needs a security system. It is now easy to monitor and control setting through smart phones and computers. Advance camera hookups can help keep peace of mind.
  4. Automated front door locks: Kevo now has a lock that no longer requires a key. With a fob or once again the phone, the door can be unlocked with the touch of a finger. The app gives the ability to lock the door from anywhere.
  5. Lighting: LED lighting is a must have because they greatly reduce energy usage and can last for over 30,000 hours. New systems allow for the remote control power over all the home’s lights.

The internal aspects of the home are always important. But let’s not forget the role of the exterior. The highest quality of safety and security can be ensured simply with the correct lighting. Landscape lighting installed by a professional lighting designer can truly transform the look and feel of the outdoor living space. With strategically placed LEDs, a beautiful environment can be created, increasing curb appeal and home value. In turn, this will deter intruders and keep walkways, paths, decks, pools and any outdoor areas safe for guests.