There are numerous advantages of outdoor lights for both commercial and residential properties. Let’s dive into our list of 5 major benefits and explain how exterior illumination from a professional outdoor lighting contractor can achieve these results.

1. Visibility

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that of visibility. Outdoor lights help you, as well as guests, find your property along with key areas such as the garage, pathways, etc. Once the sun sets, there shouldn’t be any struggles bringing groceries in or leading friends to your backyard oasis.

2. Curb Appeal

Not only are you, the owner, able to appreciate outdoor lighting on your property, but neighbors and others passing by can do the same. This is especially important if you are looking to sell. Curb appeal helps increase perceived value and speeds up the overall selling process.

3. Security

Well-lit areas deter criminal activity. Who doesn’t want their properties to be as safe as possible? Yes, security systems like Ring are nice to have, but wouldn’t it be nice to not be targeted in the first place? Robbers are less likely to target places where they have a high chance of being seen.

4. Property Value

Did you know that homeowners, on average, should see 50% ROI after adding/upgrading outdoor lights? According to Architectural Digest, ‘carefully designed lighting allows for flowers, shrubs, and trees to be enjoyed at night; it also provides safety, ambiance, and security–all of which add value to a property.’

5. Brand Exposure

In the case of commercial properties, exterior lights can quite literally shine a light on your brand. Think of restaurants you love, for example. They are probably easy to spot when walking/driving around a city. Companies do such things for a reason—it works.

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