Backyard outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be daunting–turning your backyard into an absolute oasis can be easy, and the results are breathtaking. When it comes to revamping any outdoor living space, it’s all about the right fixtures for the right job.

Tiki Torches

If you wish to achieve classic resort-style oasis vibes, our TK Torches are the way to go. Especially if a pool is within close proximity! Having these in your backyard will make you feel like you’re always in vacation mode–and who wouldn’t want a 24/7 luau? Yes, please.

String Lights

It’s hard to deny the impact string lights have on otherwise dull and plain spaces. Also called bistro and or Edison lights, these bad boys are a simple and effective way to brighten and transform your exterior area(s). Think dining alfresco, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, meetings, weddings, and random hangouts, too! A special occasion is not necessary for one to enjoy beautiful string lights.

Landscape Lights

Landscape lights are a must for your backyard. Once the sun goes down, it can get quite dark behind your home without proper lighting for trees, bushes, gardens, etc. Once those things are adequately illuminated, you can count on spending more time outdoors and feeling safer at home since criminals are less likely to target well-lit properties.

Water Feature Lights

The sound of moving water is already peaceful, but can you imagine also being able to enjoy your water feature after dusk? When sitting in your backyard, either catching up with a friend or soaking in some alone time, the sight and sound of a nearby source of water in the background cannot be beat!

Accent Lights

What’s the point of having awesome additions such as a pergola, gazebo, and or outdoor kitchen if you can only use them during the day? Here at NiteLites, we believe that you should be able to utilize these things any time–even long past sunset.

Path Lights

If you happen to have a walkway that leads into your backyard or one meant to guide people to a particular area, path lights are essential. These fixtures are a pretty and subtle solution to help you and others get safely around your property at night.

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