Philadelphia Landscape Lighting

Our Philadelphia Landscape Lighting contractors are masters at the art of submersible lighting to enhance outdoor water features.

Perhaps the only thing more relaxing than gazing at a beautiful water feature is seeing one masterfully illuminated. The mesmerizing effect of a lovely waterfall or fountain that is well lit with remarkable outdoor LED lighting fixtures is incredibly soothing. Whether those effects melt away the worry of your day or let you appreciate and realize the success of your home and family.

As Philly residents, wouldn’t you like to have that same capability with your own backyard water feature? With our Philadelphia Landscape Lighting contractors proven expertise in outdoor lighting design and installation along with high-quality LED lighting fixtures, you don’t have to take a trip around town or even out-of-state to experience the sensation. You could step out into your backyard and allow a calm, illuminated waterfall take you to that relaxing place.

Now, imagine, the trickling water with the addition of underwater lighting that turns your water feature into a magical element in your outdoor living space. During the day you can sit by your water feature with your eyes closed, soaking up the sun and relaxing to the water’s soothing sounds. After the sun goes down, and your lighting system turns on, you can sit and watch the light dance off the movement of the water for hours, literally allowing every worry to drift away into each ripple.

Taking into consideration the width and height of your water feature, our contractors can turn a beautiful daytime element into a nighttime artistic showpiece with the right fixtures strategically placed. Our lighting teams know the right fixtures and the best LEDs to properly illuminate the most important aspects of your outdoor living areas. When positioned at the optimal angle, you will almost immediately be taken to a place of solitude while avoiding unnecessary light pollution.