Rob Greening, franchise owner of NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lights, takes pride in being a big part of in the Houston community. Last month was Mr. Greening’s sixth year illuminating the Tomball German Festival. They created the perfect setting for the occasion by professionally lighting the festivities. Rob is also a member of the Chamber Board in Tomball and plans to continue to be a part of his community indefinitely. NiteLites of Houston was nominated for small business of the year by Lone Star College and was one of the top three up for the win in the Tomball area. M2 the Agency, Inc. took home the win at the celebration dinner.

According to Mr. Greening, “Being involved in your community as a small business is smart. You get to better your community, give your business some exposure and feel good that your local business cares about the people in the community they serve.” Mr. Greening shares more insight into how to build a business through community involvement.

Serve on a Community Board – Being at the heart of your community will give you a sense of who the people really are. You will also meet influential people who will in turn, direct people to your business.

Volunteer Time and Resources – Volunteering shows people that your business is willing to look past the singularity of your business and be a part of the bigger picture. You could help sponsor a local charity event, volunteer at a local soup kitchen, recreation center or library.

Join the Local Chamber – By being a part of your local chamber of commerce, you get to interact with other local businesses and truly be a part of the pulse of your community. Attending chamber meetings will give you good insight as a business owner on trends and other things you may not be aware of as a busy entrepreneur.

It’s true, being a part of your community as a small business is critical to success. The brand you build as a business needs a face and personality behind it. A person people can trust and remember when they come to need your particular service. Like Rob Greening always says, “You’re not just a customer, you’re also a friend.”

Rob Greening and his team invest a lot of time and resources in the Houston community and people know the big NiteLites truck with Rob Greening’s big personality inside. Here at NiteLites of Houston Outdoor Lights, we specialize in high-end professional outdoor lighting for landscapes, decks, hardscapes, and buildings. Working alongside landscape architects, builders, pool designers, and hardscapers, we create one of a kind lighting design that is designed and built to the exact specifications for homes and business properties. Each outdoor lighting project is carefully planned to meet the design, energy usage criteria and budget of its client. Our Houston branch works hard to serve the community and in return, their community knows whom to trust when they need outdoor lighting.