Our Florence, Kentucky Location compares the difference between just selling lights and being a design-build lighting company.

Your average consumer generally assumes that anyone selling a Florence Outdoor Lights systems is also a design-build company, but there are dramatic differences between those simply selling systems and the businesses that have the expertise to professionally design, install and maintain landscaping illumination systems. Landscape lighting salespeople may very well not have any experience installing landscape lighting systems. Many successful landscape lighting sales professionals do not, but it is certainly important to understand the difference.

Since labor shortages abound in the landscaping fields, it is vital to verify the competence of contractor as well as the quality of the outdoor LEDs. In some cases, the person selling the landscape lighting is the same as the person installing the landscape lighting. Many times in those cases this is the actual owner of the lighting company. Because that person usually has a plethora of landscape lighting experience, they naturally will sell their lighting systems from a position of installation expertise, and almost always recommend customer’s buy their landscape lighting systems from a landscape lighting specialist – exclusively!

Unfortunately, not all landscape lighting systems will be sold by a landscape lighting designer / specialist. In fact, most of them will not be. Sadly, they’ll mostly be sold by landscape companies as a piece of a larger yard project, and then later installed by employees and/or sub-contractors with no LED light expertise or specialty experience.

Most of the landscape lighting that is being sold, is being sold by individuals with no landscape lighting installation experience, inferior installation skills and little knowledge of landscape lighting systems in general. They certainly may have sales experience, but very few outside of a design-build landscape lighting company possess the ideal skill set and knowledge to create and install the best landscape lighting system for your property.

Fortunately, with a company like us, that’s exactly what you’re getting: a design-build landscape lighting company with professionals that possess the first-hand knowledge and expertise vital to the long-term success of a quality landscape lighting system. Don’t substitute “almost” for the real thing − your pocketbook and sanity will thank you now and later.