When choosing an outdoor lighting system, many consumers believe store-bought fixtures are the answer. This is a mistake that yields poor results and will put a drain on wallets as well. NiteLites of Charleston Commercial Lighting offers custom-designed outdoor lighting systems featuring NiteLites brand fixtures.

NiteLites uses light fixtures designed to perform a specific task. For example, spot lights are used to highlight landscaping or architectural features, well lights are used to up light trees and buildings, path lights are used to illuminate walkways, and submersible lights are used for water features. There are many other lighting applications to consider, and NiteLites has a fixture for every task. These fixtures are also shrouded so light is directed only where it needs to go, and the light source is hidden and protected. This oft-overlooked feature assures an elegant lighting design.

Getting the job done is only part of the battle. NiteLites professional lighting systems are built to last. Each fixture is built from durable brass or copper with an acid etched finish that will not peel, like paint. These materials will not rust or corrode, and will stand up to every sort of weather condition. By holding a NiteLites fixture, clients can literally feel the quality. Combine these fixtures with rugged and reliable transformers, energy saving LEDs, and experienced lighting designers, and NiteLites of Charleston Commercial Lighting provides clients with a breathtaking outdoor illumination system.