Whether you have DIY outdoor lighting experience or have no experience at all, NiteLites of Charleston Landscape Lights breaks down the whole process of what you should expect from a professionally installed outdoor lighting system by NiteLites.

The process is actually quite easy and the consultation from NiteLites is free of charge.

  1. Starts with a meeting with a Charleston outdoor lighting contractor who will then walk the property with you and discuss your expectations and vision of the completed outdoor lighting.
  2. Outdoor lighting contractor, general manager, or professional lighting designer will draw out a lighting plan and review the plan.
  3. If the job is extensive enough, a custom digital outdoor lighting drawing will be made and presented to the customer.
  4. Once the plan is established an estimate will be generated and given to the customer in person, via email or regular mail.
  5. Once the details are agreed upon, a scheduled date and time will be set for the installation. Once the installation is complete, some adjusting may be needed to obtain the perfect look you pictured for your home. NiteLites will be there to ensure the job is done to customer satisfaction.
  6. Maintenance plans and service contracts can be purchased to keep your lights working like the day they were installed.
  7. The best customer service in professional outdoor lighting will be available to help you with any issues or concerns every step of the way to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied for life.

Finding a reliable outdoor lighting business can be difficult when you consider the misconception that landscapers, irrigation contractors and other outdoor laborers are able to provide the professional outdoor lighting experience you are looking for. NiteLites of Charleston brings the specialized knowledge, tools, training and extensive experience needed to install the best outdoor landscape lighting. The Charleston low country can be perfectly accented with the best subtle lighting done by qualified outdoor lighting professional. It is vastly important that you get an outdoor lighting designer with years of experience in the local areas. NiteLites has over 20 years of experience in the outdoor lighting business and their fixtures are acid etched brass and copper, which stands up against all costal elements.

NiteLites of Charleston lighting contractors use a wide variety of professional lighting fixtures and techniques. For example, spotlights can be used to highlight landscape features such as trees or architectural features such as Corinthian order columns. Path lights are used to illuminate walkways and paths. Submersible lights are used to accentuating water features such as ponds and fountains. There are many other fixtures and applications that perfect the outdoor lighting experience.