Staying true to their commitment to top-quality residential and commercial Columbus Landscape Lighting Company systems and core business practices, NiteLites provides the best quality, not the lowest price.

NiteLites has years of building their franchise business in Columbus on reliable outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers, and lighting accessories, which are all key components of top quality, landscape lighting systems. Their franchises have a solid foundation based on partnerships built and maintained with professionals in the building technologies industry. Their industrial quality light components are made of solid brass and solid copper and are fitted with reliable outdoor LEDs.

Many projects and jobs out there today begin with a competitive bidding process. Companies will issue a bid that consists of their best proposal to compete for a specific project. This is designed to be a process to find the lowest price point. However, this is neither good for the company nor the customer for many reasons. NiteLites of Columbus offers free digital estimates with a custom design, and their lighting quotes are based on offering quality designs and high performance outdoor light fixtures.

NiteLites only offers top tier architectural lights designed to meet the commercial specifications of colleges, hotels, hospitals, business parks, etc. Their lights are ideal for high-end homes as they are low maintenance and provide an excellent value. When an outdoor landscape lighting job is completed, quality and longevity of the lighting system is their focal point. Most big box store’s outdoor light fixtures are designed to have a life span of only about a year. Our landscape lights come in a wide array of light fixtures and lenses and each is guarantee with the best warranty in the outdoor lighting industry.

NiteLites of Columbus Landscape Lighting Company manufactures the premier landscape lighting products they install every day and have superior custom craftsmanship for their innovative LEDs to go along with it. They fully understand the long-term value in that. A company may submit the lowest bid with no intention of servicing the lights beyond installation, because that’s how they arrived at their bid price. NiteLites never sacrifices the real value of their custom landscape lighting systems, which are recognized for their dramatic energy savings. That’s how the educated and savvy customer really wins every time whether it is for a commercial project or yard lights for a homeowner.