Sarasota Outdoor Lights Business

Sarasota Outdoor Lights Business has seen some big mistakes some homeowners have made. Everyone at some point in time in his or her life has come across some form of really bad outdoor lighting. Bad outdoor lighting can be counterproductive, reducing safety and security and creating higher-than-normal operating costs. Poorly designed, defective, improperly located or badly aimed fixtures cause glare, harsh shadows, and light trespass. Have you ever driven past a beautiful home and been blinded by outdoor lights because their rays were directed at oncoming traffic? Perhaps even wondering to yourself, do they even know that with the correct light fixture and proper placement they could be accentuating their otherwise beautiful landscape without dangerously blinding drivers?

Have you ever had the experience of going and sitting around your aunt or uncle’s horribly lit backyard? Perhaps they were so proud of their new lights that she actually takes you out to watch them light up. There are a total of 5 lights in the backyard. The whole family is walking back to the house when right in the middle of their dimly lit walkway; you twist your ankle and almost fall in a small pond near where the walkway descends.

What your aunt or uncle really needs is an outdoor lighting contractor to help, or the next time someone trips, it might not be just a twisted ankle. Bad lighting can happen on commercial properties where they utilize too many fixtures, over lighting and wasting electricity. Bad lighting mostly occurs with flagpoles. Illuminating a flagpole takes a practiced eye so as not to produce an unsightly glare or harsh overcasting shadows. Doorway awnings with lighting over the awnings actually create a more dangerous and unsafe situation. Using a key at night can become a nightmare and the doorway itself would make it easier for someone to surprise you under the cover of darkness. These are just a few examples of unfortunate lighting choices, but the major point is that with a professional lighting contractor, you can create beauty, safety and security without costly mistakes.

Another factor, especially near the coast, is light pollution. Improper outdoor lighting application can disrupt the migratory patterns of native birds and drive sea turtles to land instead of the sea. Special amber lenses made by outdoor lighting professionals can literally save lives. With low voltage 12-volt systems and green energy LEDs, you can also be sure that electricity isn’t being wasted and you aren’t harming the local natives.

NiteLites of Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida Sarasota Outdoor Lights Business can bring spectacular curb appeal to the exterior of your home. Not to mention that once the NiteLites outdoor lighting system is installed, the property benefits from the creation of a luxurious and welcoming ambiance, increasing safety for those navigating the pathways and enhanced home security through the illumination of dark areas of the property. The professionalism doesn’t stop at installation, extremely professional and pleasant customer service is available if anything ever goes wrong. With evening alfresco dining areas for entertaining and increased property value, NiteLites outdoor lighting fixtures make an excellent home improvement. Their specification grade lighting systems, as well as energy efficient and eco-friendly LED landscape lighting, are also made to withstand the heat and salt of coastal climates. The solid brass and copper patina with age and actually become more beautiful.