Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, business meetings/conferences… you name it, outdoor lights will make whatever the occasion that much more memorable. You don’t need to have a commercial property to invest in outdoor event lighting, either. If you’re the kind of person who often hosts alfresco dinners or parties, you should also consider having professionals like us here at NiteLites install high-quality fixtures for your home. There are countless options to choose from for your event area.

Architectural Lights

Design elements such as entryway arches, columns, textured interiors, statues, walls, gazebos, sculptures, fountains, waterfalls, flagpoles, and signage can be illuminated for your exterior space(s). This kind of application eliminates any potential dark spots and helps showcase the unique features of your property.

Deck & Patio Lights

These fixtures are meant to create a cozy exterior environment to allow for more time spent outside. Deck and Patio lights cast a warm, soft glow that is both aesthetically pleasing and adds to safety measures. Common ways to achieve this goal include using low-voltage or LED lights on deck rails and or weather-resistant LED strip and rope lighting for a festive look.

Landscape Lights

Enrich depth, texture, and dimension with landscape lights for your trees, bushes, gardens, etc. Landscape lights pair very well with architectural lights and work together to create a finished product that will certainly boost the overall appearance of your outdoor event space.

Path Lights

Path lights are not meant to be hidden, which adds to their special charm. They will lead guests to, from, and around your outdoor event space.

Paver Lights

Low voltage, in-ground paver lights are a great addition to any gathering area. They have that sleek and sophisticated look while casting enough light to achieve their purpose without blinding anybody. Our paver lights are sealed and built to resist damage as well. Our outdoor lighting designers know exactly how to arrange these fixtures in a way that is both stylish and covers enough of your property.

Step Lights

Step lights are essential for event purposes. You wouldn’t anyone to trip or fall at any point during a celebration of sorts on your property. These fixtures do not take away stylistic factors… in fact, they add a sense of luxury.

String Lights

Hanging string lights will automatically transform your entertainment space. The dreamy and romantic ambiance that comes with these lights is unmatched. If you want to impress guests and leave them with lasting memories, choose to have our high-quality, professional bistro lights installed for your exterior living spaces.

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