Dayton Outdoor Lights

Why spend all winter indoors? Since enjoying the outdoors should be a year-long affair, NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor Lights shares the top outdoor living designs for year-round enjoyment.

Outdoor living can get rough in the winter if you do not have the right winter-proof furniture sets. Most outdoor living designs are only made for warm weather and need to be stored away in the winter months.

Here are some designs that are great in all weather conditions:

  • Outdoor Fireplace – An outdoor fireplace should be built strong, using brick or stone. This will allow the fireplace to be relatively maintenance free all year long. There is nothing better than nestling up on a chair with some hot chocolate and enjoying a nice fire.
  • Beach House Sun room – A sun room may seem like cheating when discussing creating an outdoor living scene but that is what makes a sun room so great. Enjoy the warmth of indoors while feeling like you are outdoors enjoying the beautiful snow and surrounding landscape.
  • Screened Porch – This is a great place to add a heat lamp and have a great outdoor living space that is comfortable. Whether hosting events or just enjoying the changing seasons, a screened porch has great versatility.
  • Hot Tub Oasis – Be honest, everyone loves a relaxing evening spent in a hot tub. Some people actually enjoy hot tubs more in the winter months.
  • Rustic Gazebo – This outdoor living design provides cover from the elements and offers a scenic space without cushions that can be ruined with the wet winter weather.
  • Veranda Porch – Verandas are perfect as an extended outdoor living space in all types of weather. Adding jewel toned furniture will make them relevant for all seasons.

The winter can be dark and dreary and can put a damper on your winter proof outdoor living space. Outdoor Lighting is the perfect solution to finishing a beautiful outdoor living space. NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor Lighting has the perfect lighting solutions for landscape designs in all weather. The acid etched brass and copper commercial grade lighting fixtures used by NiteLites are extremely durable, making them last many years beyond other lighting fixtures. Backed by an unbeatable warranty and great maintenance plans, this professional lighting company is hard to beat. Using path lights, deck lights, spot lights, spread lights, well lights and many other specialty lights; Dayton Landscape Lights has the perfect lighting solutions for hot tub areas, gazebos, porches and any other outdoor living design. And for the holidays, NiteLites offers super bright LED energy saving strip lighting and color lenses great for highlighting wreaths, bows and any features on the exterior of your home.