NiteLites of Delaware breaks down the advantages of retrofitting outdoor lighting systems to LED.

As you look out of the window during a warm spring evening, you feel an enormous amount of pride in what you’ve accomplished these last few years. The next thing on your list of improvements is your outdoor lighting. You’ve done the research, and you know that pulling everything up and starting over just isn’t something that you want to do. While keeping everything running the way it is can certainly be an option, only you’ve seen your electricity bill recently and you don’t want to keep paying those exorbitant prices to keep lighting the landscape and architecture of your home. The one question that continues to linger in the back of your mind is, “should I retrofit to LEDs?”

LED-based retrofit lamps have become a popular topic with homeowners today looking to upgrade their full line voltage systems or even aged halogen lights to the more environmentally friendly. Not only will retrofitting your existing outdoor lights save you money on your electricity bill (typically over 70% time), the retrofit will also allow you to cut your outdoor lights carbon footprint by almost 75%. LEDs also have a much longer life span than the existing halogen bulbs, allowing you more time to enjoy the ambiance outdoor LED Lighting provides and less time worrying about whether or not the lights themselves will become an issue. Another advantage to retrofitting is purely economical. The retrofit doesn’t all have to be done at once. As a homeowner you can start in the front and move to the back or vice versa. Not only will this save you money over time, but it will also most certainly allow you see the advantages you gain as you watch your energy bill fall. If ever faced with the question of whether or not to retrofit to LEDs, the answer is always a resounding “yes!” To meet your person tastes and budget, what outdoor lighting business is better to help you with the planning and retrofit installation than NiteLites of Delaware Outdoor Lights?

NiteLites of Delaware Outdoor LED LightingContractors offer professional, custom outdoor lighting planning, installation, repair, and retrofitting to LEDs. The innovative line of energy-efficient, low voltage lighting systems are perfect for commercial buildings as well as residential properties. They design, install, and maintain outdoor lighting fixtures in Delaware as well as parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

For more information on retrofitting your outdoor lighting system to LEDs, visit the retrofitting page on our website.