NiteLites of Delaware Valley Outdoor Lights owner, Steve Levine, shares expertise on the money-saving aspects of cold-weather maintenance

Winter is upon us and as the nights get shorter and temperatures drop, preparing your home for the upcoming months is a crucial part in maintaining the beauty of your property for the spring and summer. Sometimes outdoor lighting gets overlooked when it comes to cold weather maintenance. Safety concerns such as being able to see elevation changes, pathways, steps and other property details can get lost in the ice and snow. Security is also a concern if your lighting isn’t maintained. A well illuminated home helps deter intruders.

If you are thinking of skipping the routine winter maintenance to save money, think again. Well-maintained lights last longer, have a much less chance of being compromised by landscapes and require less work in the spring when you begin to spend much more time outdoors. Besides, winter outdoor lighting maintenance can help prepare your lighting system for the upcoming changes you will make in spring. The outdoor lighting contracts will make sure your light fixtures are free of debris, which is critical in maintaining the low heat levels necessary for long LED life. They will clean lens covers and trim back shrubs and bushes to ensure the lighting will remain all winter long when the ground is frozen and maintenance is more challenging. As landscaping changes, lines running your lighting system could be damaged or cut. Making sure the connections are solid will extend the life of your lighting system. Scheduling a maintenance appointment with an outdoor lighting contractor in your local area will save you money over time.

NiteLites of Delaware Valley outdoor lights provides the best quality outdoor lighting systems with extensive maintenance plans to keep systems up and running all year. For homeowners concerned about energy savings who do not already have LEDs in their lighting fixtures, consider retrofitting your current system. LEDs last up to 40,000 hours and are typically warrantied for 3-5 years. NiteLites also has the most innovative technology built into each LED to make the LED last longer and have a consistent brightness from one fixture to another. Their maintenance plans are custom and benefit their customers greatly during both fall and spring maintenance.

An annual maintenance plan with NiteLites will provide:

  • Changing halogen bulbs if applicable
  • Cleaning of all clear covers and fixtures
  • Straightening and tightening of fixtures and connections
  • Trimming landscape around the lighting fixtures
  • Adjusting fixtures locations based on landscape growth
  • Making sure lighting system is working properly year-round