DIY outdoor lights are not the bang for your buck that you’re hoping for.

Home improvement retail stores and local landscapers sell fixtures that are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy­—this is a red flag. The professionals know that aluminum does a poor job of withstanding different weather conditions. Aluminum fixtures also do not cooperate with LEDs due to their lack of heat sink technology. These things combined with lawn maintenance as well as general wear and tear causes quick deterioration. Here one season; gone the next.

In contrast, here at NiteLites, our fixtures are made of brass and copper, which are long lasting and support our innovative LED technologies. The fixtures patina over time, becoming increasingly beautiful over the years. We have skilled outdoor lighting designers with years of experience under their belt and a creative eye to help you bring your dream vision to life. Anything involving wiring should be done by specialists, and our techs possess proper knowledge and cater award-winning customer service. The process from start to finish is seamless.

Additionally, when you choose NiteLites Outdoor Lighting, you have options for preventative maintenance so you’ll have high-quality lights that you will enjoy for season after season. You truly pay for what you get: extended time outdoors to enjoy with your tribe for many, many years to come.

DIY outdoor lights are a short-term solution that will likely disappoint, while a trusted expert company like NiteLites Outdoor Lighting can provide boosted curb appeal, home value, safety, and security. We’ve been around for over 20 years and aren’t going anywhere.

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