As we round the corner on warmer weather, many people begin to shift their focus to their backyard and outdoor living areas. The perfect place to entertain and relax is created by having the right landscape. Trees, bushes, and even water features such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are key components in a backyard built for enjoyment, but what about the icing on the cake? Landscape lighting is what will tie everything together, bring focus to all your most intriguing features, and set the mood you want. Here are a couple of things to consider when making most of your backyard landscape lighting.

First, make sure you are choosing the right products. If you are looking to light your water features, you must first decide on having lighting fixtures in the water or just outside the water. Each option has different things to consider, and various products are used for other effects. For example, lighting inside the water needs clear water and a proper wattage bulb that can cut through the water. At NiteLites, we manufacture our products from solid brass and copper to ensure that any fixture withstands the test of time, weather, and even underwater when necessary!

Considering what type of ambiance you are trying to accomplish is another step in optimizing your backyard landscape lighting. Placement is equally as important as brightness when creating your desired outcome. If you are going for a peaceful sanctuary feel, you do not want blinding or glaring lights reflecting off water or other features. Researching different lighting examples to get an idea of what would best suit your needs is the best way to go. Your lighting design professional will be able to assist in creating the perfect layout for your project needs.

It is important to remember that outdoor lighting is not only for ambiance. It is an added safety precaution. Lighting will let people know where you have stone or water features, walkways, and much more. You can incorporate safety softly and subtly without it being harsh or too obvious. Consulting an expert in landscape lighting will guarantee you have the right fixtures and bulbs in place to achieve any look you are going for!