Outdoor Lights in Fall

Outdoor lights extend the time you can spend outdoors while adding safety and security. Maintaining that system is especially critical around fall—and certainly before winter.

Fall is here to gift us with the brilliant oranges and reds we so love this time of year. As the cooler temperatures settle in, we also prepare for shorter nights. This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the outdoors in the evenings with family and friends. Preparing your home and outdoor lights in the upcoming months is crucial, so your outdoor lighting can truly shine in spring and summer.

Skipping on the fall and winter maintenance might save you money short term, but it will certainly cost you in the long run. A well-maintained system lasts longer, has fewer compromises from growing landscapes, and require much less work in the spring. You can also contact your NiteLites representative to prepare for adjustments you plan to make in the following year. We will keep your landscapes trimmed back from your lights while ensuring your outdoor light fixtures are free from debris to maintain the temperatures needed for a long LED life.

If you’ve never had fall maintenance on your outdoor lights, you may be asking yourself what it is we do during this process. We clean lens covers and trim back shrubs and bushes to ensure the lighting will remain all winter long, even when the ground is frozen in certain circumstances (which makes maintenance much more difficult). We understand that landscaping is often changing, so we check the lines running your lighting system to ensure solid connections. This will all extend the life of your lighting system. Scheduling a maintenance appointment with an outdoor lighting contractor in your local area will save you money over time by protecting the investment of your outdoor lights.

We provide the best quality outdoor lighting systems with extensive maintenance plans to keep systems up and running all year. If you’re concerned about energy savings, our green energy LEDs are built to the exact specifications for our manufactured fixtures. If you already have a system with halogen bulbs, consider retrofitting your current system with our NiteLites high-warranty LEDs that last up to 40,000 hours. When we design our outdoor lights LEDs, we use innovative technology and an engineer to build each one with consistent brightness from one fixture to the next. 

Outdoor Lights Maintenance

An LED Maintenance Plan (LMP) with NiteLites will provide:

  • One comprehensive service call
  • Trim landscaping around fixtures & transformers
  • Straighten & adjust fixtures
  • Reposition fixtures due to changes in the landscape
  • Clean lens covers
  • Check transformer voltage
  • Check voltage taps to fixtures & inspect/adjust timers or photocells
  • No service charge
  • LED’s are not covered under this contract. (covered by LED warranty)

For more information on our outdoor lights maintenance plans, visit our website form for assistance or give us a call at 1-866-NITELITES today!