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NiteLites of Fort Myers Deck Lighting on the current pool market and all the must-have features:

The perfect time is now for homeowners to begin planning the swimming pool of their dreams. Pools are great investments that help increase the property value of any home. Here are some of the current trends and styles to help spark your design imagination!

Water features

Extra water features are a wonderful addition to increase the aesthetics and general feel of any outdoor living space. A calming water flow creates a relaxed and invigorating setting. The options can include small fountains or spouts and even full, eye catching water walls.


Fire features are a great contrast to the cooling waters. Full fireplaces or more subtle fire pits give warmth to long nights and help you get the most out of the pool and deck areas.

Glass tile

Keep it classy with glass tile. This allows for an elegant look, with reflective properties to give the perfect luxurious feel. Line the entire pool or use as subtle accenting.

All natural pools

Natural pools recreate the feel of a pond or swimming hole by incorporating plant-life to naturally clean the water, rather than using chlorine. These models are popular in Europe and are making their way to the states. This is a great option for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Zero entry

More homeowners are turning to the gradual pool entrance, opposed to the classic step system. The slopping shallow end gives a beach-like quality while increasing the luxury factor.

Elevated area

Similar to the zero entry feature, elevated spaces in the pool furthers the luxury and style, while giving a personal and unique feel. The floor is raised in specific areas for lounging and sunbathing.

Perimeter pools

Perimeter or infinity pools are always a favorite to provide a sleek and impressive design. There is a hard edge where the water flows seamlessly to meet the horizon. The newest technology of a “knife-edge” pool has a slot surrounding the entire perimeter of the pool for water to overflow, creating an elegant reflective appearance.

LED lighting

LEDs are quickly becoming the go to option for pool use. They are durable and extremely energy efficient. Not to mention the endless amount of color options. Fixtures can be added on the stairs, decking, and accenting for water features.

Importance of Outdoor lighting

The finishing touch to any outdoor living area might just be the most important; lighting. With a professional LED system, a unique plan is designed to create a magical ambience to get the most from your deck, patio, hot tub, pool or pergola. The night will stay alive with the family or entertaining guests with the warm colored glow of accent lighting. Peace of mind is guaranteed with the added safety and security that comes with high quality lighting.

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