NiteLites of Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Lighting has a few welcome tips on upgrading your current outdoor living space into an exquisite outdoor kitchen.

The old days of a barbecue and a cooler full of beer are simmering down. The modern outdoor kitchen is a unique outdoor living space that is perfect for parties and alfresco dining. Although much has changed, most homeowners still hail the grill as the central focal point. Some Fort Myers outdoor kitchens have even more in their outdoor kitchens than their indoor kitchens. Extra amenities include: fireplaces, smokers, pizza ovens, roasting spits and wet bars. This trend in home remodeling and renovations isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. NiteLites of Ft. Myers Landscape Lighting offers some great tips for creating the perfect outdoor kitchen area onto your home.

Function & Location

The main focus on creating your outdoor kitchen should always be related to how you will be using the area as a primary function. Consider if you want this area to just be a place to eat and relax or if you plan on having pool parties. Once you have a primary objective, you can then begin to piece together the location and the little details to really make your outdoor kitchen pop.

Entertainment & Alfresco Dining

If you enjoy having friends and family over, chances are that you will be using your outdoor kitchen quite often. Think about the things you will need to entertain: dining table, lounge area, sofas, overstuffed chairs, wind chimes, fire pits, fireplace, canopies, fountains, hammocks, TVs and sound systems. It’s important to choose furniture that is flexible and easy to move so you can alternate the theme of your outdoor kitchen through the seasons.

Cooking & Lounge Space

A covered area is ideal for your outdoor kitchen since this will ensure the most protection from the elements. Avoid using combustible materials for anything around heating appliances and the roof. Appliances are going to be a very important investment for your outdoor kitchen and quality is much more vital then quantity. Plan your cooking area around the party area so the cook isn’t left out while people are having fun. Just like indoor kitchens, you need to allot for plenty on county space. You will need room to chop meat and vegetables and make plenty of mixed drinks.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The perfect finishing touch most definitely revolves around professional outdoor lighting design and contemporary light fixtures. NiteLites of Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Lighting specializes in custom lighting for homes and businesses with emphasis on quality. NiteLites installed lighting fixtures are made of acid etched brass and copper and can stand up to even costal climates. Path lighting around your outdoor kitchen will make it safer and easily guide your guest from area to area around your property. LED strip lights can be installed around the perimeters of the counters to enrich the party atmosphere. Colored LEDs once used for Christmas and the holidays now can be used to bump up backyard decorating. NiteLites of Fort Myers Outdoor LED Lighting has color LED options of blue, red, green, amber and many more to fit your outdoor kitchen’s color scheme.

NiteLites outdoor lighting business franchises are available in many major U.S. cities.