Ft Myers Landscape Lights

How do you make the distinction between a house and a home?

Most people would come up with similar answers but few would come up with the same picture in their head. NiteLites of Ft Myers Landscape Lights knows a few things about creating a homey outdoor living space. Hosting outside events can be extended and even improved to a beautifully relaxing outdoor space. With Daylight Saving Time cutting evenings an hour short, perhaps a little work can be done to save these evening events.

NiteLites has the latest trends in creating the perfect outdoor living space utilizing outdoor and landscape lighting. Comfortable seating with furniture pillows will create an environment good for sitting and talking. Using complementary furniture can make the place stand out as stylish and elegant. Probably the most important feature of a relaxing outdoor living space is the lighting. Path lights will create safety for walkways and step lights can help prevent falling accidents. Aside from the safety aspect, lighting itself creates a mood and atmosphere that can turn a dull outdoor living space into something beautiful and charming.

Creating clean walking spaces and clearing out any excess debris away from the living area will help maintain this charm once the outdoor lights are on. Having or creating a fire pit will allow everyone to sit together in a relaxed environment. Decorated potted plants either alongside the house or around the deck will add life and a natural element of sophistication to your outdoor living space. Adding yard decorations that go with the theme of your outdoor living space will tie in an extra level of comfort and aesthetic. Decorating with naturally themed decorations, such as pumpkins for fall, will also create a relaxed feel for your perfect outdoor living space.

NiteLites of Ft Myers Landscape Lights creates a magical setting with perfect lighting for these relaxing outdoor living spaces. This Ft. Myers Lighting Business designs settings rich in the ambiance for alfresco dining, neighborhood entertaining, deck lighting, and more. Many styles that are perfect by NiteLites of Ft. Myers are:

  • Up
  • wall
  • facade
  • accent
  • architectural
  • landscape
  • security
  • deck
  • step
  • poolside
  • garden
  • sculpture
  • tree
  • path
  • fountain
  • reflecting pool
  • yard

The LED fixtures used to achieve these styles are:

  • Up lights
  • path lights
  • step lights
  • well lights
  • spot or flood lights
  • deck lights
  • recessed wall lights
  • wash lights
  • submersible lights
  • paver lights