Outdoor Workspace

Remote work has become a part of our new normal ever since the pandemic hit. With that being said, unique trends like having an outdoor workspace are undoubtedly on the rise. Especially as the warmer months approach us, more and more people are going to be taking meetings outside from the comfort of their homes. Writer Mia Ingui of MyDomaine created 5 tips of how to optimize your outdoor space, and we’d like to add our own ideas to the mix:

  1. Define Your Space
    • Choose a place or two in your backyard where you will realistically want to work. There are important questions to ask yourself, such as: Is this area laptop friendly? An ideal place to consider offers privacy outside the home in case you have to take an important call and need your computer.
  2. Get Comfortable
    • Comfort is key when it comes to working outside. Your seat(s) should have soft cushions and back support. Additionally, setting a mood with NiteLites outdoor lighting would allow you to continue working even in situations when you must work late into the evening.
  3. Utilize Existing Furniture
    • Creating an outdoor workspace does not mean you have to break the bank. If it is practical, use what you already have, but in a different way–for example, a dining table is a perfectly good piece of furniture to do work on.
  4. Have Multiple Seating Options
    • There is a possibility that you’ll become bored of that one designated outdoor work spot. To avoid this, consider adding another seating area to your space. Hammocks, floating loungers, and bean bags are great options.
  5. Obtain Some Shade
    • If your space lacks shade, you likely won’t last long outside on some days. Therefore, purchasing a patio umbrella, sail shade, and or pergola can be awesome ways to block excessive sunlight. A bonus of having a pergola is they can be fit with bistro lights that set the mood for both work and entertaining.

There are other considerations you should have when working outdoors and they include having access to: power, boosted Wi-Fi, earphones, sunscreen/insect repellent, and water/snacks. The important thing is that you’re comfortable enough to focus and enjoy the work you must get done. And when work is done, invite friends and family over to dine alfresco under ambient outdoor lights from NiteLites.

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