NiteLites of Union Outdoor Lights of Kentucky boosts curb appeal, security, and safety to enhance home sales by enticing home buyers.

Outdoor lighting actually extends living spaces physically as well as visually. Contemporary outdoor LED lighting systems are also a smart investment when thinking of ways to add value to your home as a precursor to selling. Professionally installed and maintained LED outdoor lighting systems to increase the safety and beauty of your home while adding to the resale value you desire. The opulence of outdoor home lighting often pays for itself when your home sells at a higher value and attracts more attention in this competitive market.

When trying to sell your home, most homeowners know they need to think about maximizing the lighting inside the home. They know the importance of staging a home to amplify the potential for buyers. Perhaps it is also common sense to remove the drapes, clean the windows, change lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs, or even cut bushes to let natural sunlight in. But what some don’t know is adding just 5 or 6 well-placed spot lights, path lights and wash lights along the home’s perimeter can add enormous nighttime curb appeal. It is also wonderful for those potential buyers who are sure to drive past their future investment at night. Seeing a beautifully illuminated front walkway will certainly add curb appeal! Homes generally sell for more if they have landscape lighting. Buyers recognize the benefits of outdoor lights when comparing different homes. And this offers the option of setting a higher asking price if your home boasts well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting.

Our Northern Kentucky location, Union Outdoor Lights provides a wide array of top-of-the-line outdoor low voltage light fixtures for residential and commercial projects. Eco-friendly, energy-efficient LED lighting is available to both our commercial and residential clientele. Our entire line of solid brass and copper landscape lighting can be retrofit with the custom innovative LED technology.