First impressions are important–especially when it comes to the curb appeal of your property and if you’re potentially looking to sell in the future. “You want them to want to come inside the house,” says Sidney Torres, from CNBC’s “The Deed.”

Imagine this: you are driving past a house you’re interested in (at night) and there is minimal lighting, poor landscaping, and the mailbox has had better days… would you still be willing to tour it? Probably not! Whether you were conscious about it or not, your initial reaction likely turned you away almost immediately. A recent study conducted by Michigan State University revealed that curb appeal efforts improve perceived value by 5-11% and can help sell a home quicker in general.

Did you know that around 2-3 home invasions happen every minute in the United States? Not only is outdoor lighting good for home appearance, but it is also beneficial in terms of safety. Criminals are less inclined to target a well-lit house. A writer for ADT Security Systems backs up this statement: “Well-lit areas are nightmares for burglars, as it is much easier to spot them.”

Architectural, landscape, and path NiteLites outdoor lighting fixtures are some of the ways in which we can help boost curb appeal and protect your residence and or business. Let us explain with a visual example. Glance at the before and after photos shown on the right. Which property would you purchase? Which do you think a burglar would find easier to rob? The answers to these hypothetical questions are certainly telling: the smart solution to these scenarios involves having outdoor lights installed.

In case you still aren’t convinced, according to Forbes, homeowners should see an average of 50% ROI when they upgrade lighting fixtures. Visit our website NiteLites Outdoor Lighting for more information–we offer a free professional consultation.