NiteLites of Hilton Head Landscape Lighting & Savannah outdoor lights on the beauty of illuminating legacy oaks.

Hilton Head is blessed with such a variety of scenic trees. One particular tree, the majestic legacy oak, is one of the most beautiful in the country. From their hauntingly dramatic branching to the large diameter of their trunks — and don’t forget the beautiful Spanish moss that often calls these trees home. It’s hard to find a yard that doesn’t have at least one beautiful oak tree worth showing off. Hilton Head’s legacy oaks are the true storytellers to the southern charm of the Lowcountry.

The lighting application techniques and outdoor lighting fixtures utilized depends on the type, size and location of the trees you want to illuminate. Often multiple fixtures and techniques are used to ensure that the tree will look great from a variety of angles. Uplighting is wonderful for highlighting the tree from the ground all the way up. Different fixtures, lenses, and LED strengths which direct your eyes up and into the tree canopy will create a subtle yet magical look and feel.

You can also use a different technique of downlighting, or “moonlighting” which casts light down through the leaves and branches of the tree. People love the way professional moonlighting looks because it mimics romantic shadows cast by the moon.

You can also incorporate string lighting, different color lenses or specialty lights into your Hilton Head tree lighting. These are especially popular for holidays, parties or special events. The versatility landscape lighting offers brings beauty, safety, security and a wonderful ambiance to outdoor living spaces for you, your friends and family.

Hilton Head Landscape Lights

NiteLites designs, installs and maintains custom outdoor lighting systems that last a lifetime. They also partner with landscape architects, builders, pool designers, HOAs and other commercial entities to achieve beautiful high-end outdoor living spaces. Illuminating businesses and other commercial properties will allow your business to be seen and increase safety and security for clients and employees.  We offer comprehensive outdoor lighting services.

With professional outdoor lighting, you extend the amount of time spent outdoors. Hosting dinner parties and dining alfresco with friends and family can go on late into the evening without compromising safety or visibility. The beauty of outdoor lighting increases curb appeal and elevates the property value of your home. For more about the aesthetics of lowcountry living visit Lowcountry Home Magazine.