Indianapolis Landscape Lighting Business, NiteLites, shares tips on key yard improvements to truly set off a summer soiree in your outdoor living space.

There is nothing quite like a long summer day of lazily lounging in an Adirondack chair under the shade of a beautiful tree. During these amazing months here in the Midwest, backyards become the new living room where we unwind and shed the stress of everyday living. Updating your backyard or front yard can really be the home improvement flavor you need to set off summer parties. With a few simple tips from your local outdoor lighting professionals, your summer will be set for luxury, style and deep relaxation.

Tip # 1: Add Shade with Style

The hot sun can be a warm inviting change from the long winter months, but shade can be just as critical. A patio shade sail adds a modern touch of style while providing a great shaded area for you and your guests. You can go bold and accent with bright colors or go for more natural tones to compliment the existing landscape. A decorative awning or cloth-covered pergola is perfect for sitting areas where you can have long conversations with friends. Be creative and place a gazebo tent near a garden area with a waterfall to create a soothing area perfect for bringing back the peace and balance to your life.

Tip #2: Plants with Personality

A porch or entry area to your yard isn’t complete without a little color and personality to accent the home. The misconception that you need matching planters to create balance has been a widespread commercialized idea for years. Symmetry and balance can be achieved while adding personality and pizazz with all different colors and sizes. You can also add vegetables among the other plants so visitors can help themselves to your bounty of generosity. Some great plants with personality are iris, peonies, catmint and daylilies. Mixing up color and size, you can create interest and colorful beauty within every facet of your outdoor space.

Tip #3: Light Up the Night

When it comes to outdoor lighting tips, NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lights has got it covered. Outdoor lighting extends the time you can spend outdoors and sets an attractive and enjoyable atmosphere for alfresco dining. Why limit the time you can enjoy outdoors when the night can be just as beautiful as the day. Beauty isn’t the only thing you are adding, but also added safety, security and increased property value. The addition of string lights to your backyard entertaining area will add character and is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Tip #4: Know When to DIY

Depending on your expertise in each area of home improvement, you may need to seek outside help for the more complicated changes. Gazebo tents and patio sails could be installed fairly easily, but adding a pergola or adding onto your patio may need a contractor. Adding plants and vegetables to your outdoor décor could be an easy project for yourself, but you may need to seek out a good landscaper for larger projects. While adding some cheap outdoor lighting fixtures can be one of the cheapest ways of adding a new experience to your outdoor living space, it is a better value to have a professional lighting contractor do it for you.

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