NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lighting Business conquers the depressing darkness of winter with a modern-day solution available in Indy.

November 5th will soon be upon us and with it the shift to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time (DST). Winter will be close on our heals at that point. Winter means cold temperatures and often snow and ice. Perhaps winters greatest challenge is its relentless blanket of dark. It is dark when you get up and leave the house, and it is dark before you can get home from work. The daily challenges of digging out driveways and scraping windshields can get a bit daunting. The delights of birds singing and children enjoying time playing ball and riding their bikes is replaced by neighborhood ghost towns.

Cold and dark can seem formidable even for the best-humored northern dwellers. Everyone retreats indoors for the creature comforts of warm fires on the hearth and perhaps flickering candles on the sills. It’s no wonder that winter gloom sets in. Indianapolis outdoor lighting business, NiteLites, has a modern day solution to the age-old problem of the oppressive darkness winter brings to the Indy area.

NiteLites of Indianapolis, the premier Indy Architectural and Landscape Lighting Contractors, offers comprehensive outdoor lighting services and has years of experience of changing the way your home and business greet you. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or when you arrive in the evening, a carefully designed lighting system, offers a welcoming and often magical glow.

With their rugged outdoor light fixtures and energy efficient LEDs, professional lighting systems installed with astronomic times bring a beauty and elegance to landscapes and buildings. The sparkle and glow of landscape lighting definitely make the winter gloom more manageable.

In the yard, the forms and features, which were highlighted during the warm weather, are still highlighted, but create a different portrait. The oak tree that was featured for its full canopy of leaves is now featured as a sign of strength against the dark, cold nights. The stark winter landscape becomes an ever-changing panorama of blowing leaves and drifting snow. Those things that are featured by an outdoor lighting system in the warm weather are still featured, but in a different manner. And, as in the warm weather, the lighting system provides the homeowner with both safety and security. Landscape lighting that illuminates a sidewalk identifies any obstacles (or slippery areas) for those who are navigating the walkway. By illuminating the home and landscape, prowlers and other uninvited guests are discouraged from being on the property.

NiteLites of Indianapolis outdoor lights business offers outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial properties. This Indy lighting business is owned and operated by lighting designer Mykal Minor. NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Franchise has locations throughout the U.S.