When considering an outdoor lighting system, the technique has much to do with creating an effective result that is also pleasing to the eye. NiteLites of Indianapolis Low Voltage Light offers professional design, installation, and maintenance of low voltage LED outdoor lighting systems. Clients are offered a free consultation to meet with a NiteLites pro. These professionals will walk the property and design a lighting plan that is perfectly suited to meet the needs of each particular property.

Be it for a commercial lighting system, or a residential lighting system, NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lights has the tools and knowledge to get the job done. Through a variety of outdoor lighting techniques, a perfect outdoor lighting experience will be designed for the client. Here are a few examples of these techniques and how they are employed.

Indianapolis Outdoor Lights

One of the most basic, yet versatile, lighting techniques is accent lighting. Accent lighting uses a spot light to focus on a certain area or item for a showcasing effect. This technique is perfect for fountains, statues, or areas of the landscape. In some cases, a floodlight sometimes referred to as a spread light, can be employed to produce more broad strokes of light.

Up-lighting and down-lighting are also effective means of attaining dramatic illumination. By lighting an object from directly above or below will highlight the features and textures of that particular element. Up and down lighting is particularly effective for lighting trees and architecture.

Shadow lighting can be used to create an interesting effect. A light is placed in front of an element such as a tree or fountain. When lit, the shadow of that element is cast upon the wall behind it, creating an artistic and interesting effect. A reverse effect called silhouette lighting can be used as well. By placing the lights behind the object, the shadow is cast up and out, creating a silhouette of the object.

Cross lighting is when two or more beams of light are used to illuminate the same object. The intersecting beams generate interesting highlights and shadows for a unique effect.