Construction of a dream home takes months of planning and work. Once the work is complete and the finished product is viewed, every feature is breathtaking to behold. It would be a shame if this new dream home was to sit in the dark half of the time, with all of its beautiful new features hidden in the dark. Some feel it is sufficient to add a sconce or two in the doorways and maybe a light pole in the yard. This approach does not come close to the quality illumination that is provided by using accent lighting by NiteLites of Jacksonville.

The perfect outdoor lighting system begins with a proper assessment of the property. While it is extremely important to add outdoor lighting for practical purposes such as path lighting, step lighting, and security lighting, using accent lighting to enhance the unique elements of the property can provide a breathtaking and dramatic effect. By utilizing architectural lighting applications, illuminating pool areas or water features, lighting trees, and focusing on other one-of-a-kind elements can add that signature NiteLites appeal to the grounds. Once this custom-designed lighting plan is installed, the property transformed from a building on some land into an illuminated work of art. Past clients have stated that their installed NiteLites lighting system “makes the house.”

An outdoor lighting system by NiteLites of Jacksonville Accent Lighting also provides the benefit of money and electricity savings when installed with energy-efficient landscape LED lamps. NiteLites LEDs are up to 75% more energy efficient when compared to traditional lights. Furthermore, since NiteLites LEDs last up to 40,000 hours, consumers greatly lower their carbon footprint by not constantly replacing bulbs and filling landfills.