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NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Home Lighting understands the importance of getting the most from the internet.

In today’s world, the internet is one of the main sources for human interaction. We communicate, get our news, shop and learn, all through the connectivity of cyberspace. It is important to know exactly how to find results with ease and quickness. This is the key for homeowners and other business owners in the search of the correct information and making the right connections.

Utilizing search engines and directories

The typical internet search generally starts with a search engine. These websites include Google, Bing, yahoo, etc. With the keywords or information provided, they act as bridge to connect the user with the website links, closest related to the search. It is the job the business or service being searched to provide the most quality content and information possible to be easily found. In today’s world, search engines favor those sites with the best content and highest grade of material.

Web directories are a valuable tool that helps make searching for products, services or professionals simple and easy. Many times these directories can act like a search engine, but are usually much more specific to the goods and services. They cut down on the amount of mass information and provide more closely related results. In addition, directories tend to be rating and review driven. This allows for great thought, feedback and opinions from customers.

The following are a few of the best directory pages used by NiteLites of Jacksonville and other home industries professionals. Ratings and reviews help drive these sites and company profiles. So feel free to give your thoughts!

Angie’s List, Houzz, Show Me local

Social Media

Every day, social media is becoming more important when staying up to date for news and information. With multiple posts per week or even day, these applications are more of a stream of consciousness tool and help you stay on the pulse of the day to day. These posts or updates are usually short and sweet often providing direct links, pictures and videos.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Professional relationships and memberships

The NiteLites of Jacksonville owner and team stay extremely active within the local organizations and home building industry groups. These connections help set a foundation that build true and lasting relationships. Staying active in the community and chamber of commerce play go a long way in the success of growing around people. The following are just a few of the groups we play a role in: ASLA, NEFBA, ABC, AIA, ULI, NARI, FNGLA.

National Outdoor Lighting Conference

After a successful conference, The Jacksonville NiteLites team is happy is to be back and bringing renewed energy and focus to the lighting world. The bi-annual gathering, held in Charleston, South Carolina was a wondering learning experience on the breakthroughs in LED technology and the home building industry. This was also a wonderful chance for the franchisees to experience the historic city and spend some valuable bonding time to help build lasting and meaning relationships.

Conference Awards

The Jacksonville franchise is proud to accept the following awards:

  • 2013 President Club Award
  • 2013 National Sales Leader
  • 2013 Diamond Award
  • 2014 National Sales Leader
  • 2014 Diamond Award (3 years running)

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