Jacksonville Path Lighting

NiteLites of Jacksonville Path Lighting shares tips on helping clients bring their dream outdoor living spaces to life.

Spring is in full bloom and with it, people are all heading outside. As the home renovation season kicks off, homeowners are now contemplating things like outdoor kitchens, a place to relax in the sun, a beautiful new garden, or just a quiet spot to read. As the list of home improvements get nailed down for this year, so does the excitement of an enjoyable summer outdoors. To help get the ball rolling, NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Lights business offers top landscape path lighting tips.

Plan Outdoor Lighting Early

It sounds like one of the last steps you’d need to take, but planning your outdoor lighting early in the construction process will save time and money. In addition to having to take extra steps to install lighting, you will also have missed design opportunities to really take your outdoor space to the next level. Lighting can often feel like an afterthought if the space isn’t designed well enough to incorporate landscape lighting. NiteLites also warns customers that lighting can be addicting, going from a small project to larger ones as time and budgets allow. NiteLites LED lighting systems are expandable to meet this popular demand.

Think About the Outdoor Living Space

Get a feel for the type of space and design that would best suit your area and your family. Different spots of your yard get different amounts of sun at different times of the day. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to put your evening reading nook in the path of overpowering evening sun. Also consider the fact that certain plants and flowers grow better in different conditions. Seeing the project at all angles can help you get a feel for what not to do as well. Blocking a great view from the kitchen window is an upset to the current indoor space, which should be avoided if possible. Just make sure you are aware that you are building something that is sustainable so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.

Decide What to Keep with Outdoor Upgrades

Look at what you enjoy about your current outdoor living space and consider what you would like for outdoor upgrades. Are there things worth saving or reincorporating for your new space? Is there a current theme that you will be continuing and will that work for the new space? Planning ahead is not just important for your own satisfaction, but also the contractors while they help bring that idea to life.

Research, Research, Research

When starting a big renovation project, it is very easy to go overboard. The creativity you’re feeling is a great thing, but some things are just not practical for your space, or your budget. Exotic plants might seem like a beautiful addition to a beautifully planned project, but could end up being inappropriate for the area and costing you money. So do your research and even consult with your contractor to see if your vision is the best option for your space.

Blend the Indoors With the Outdoors

Your outdoor space should really be an extension of your indoor spaces. It should blend seamlessly from one to the other with style and abundant charm. If you home is modern with Asian accents, a Japanese water garden might suit your outdoor space very nicely. Incorporate color themes from your home to add continuity from one space to the other. Replicate the proportions of the house with the same kind of outdoor décor. Take matching patterns and rugs and place them in both spaces to tie them together even further. When the project is complete, fine tune to your families every day living circumstances until the space is alive with something you were just dreaming about months before.